Von X-Stream Fit

Get ready to be challenged like never before. This is where VonSport kicks it into high gear. Von X-Stream Fit will get you ready for life’s challenges; it will help you face them head on. Just like those tri-athletes, we have all come to admire and emulate. Whether you like to run, hike, bike, box, climb, kayak, surf, there is nothing out there like this. VonSport will get you juiced and wanting more, “releasing your inner sport”. There are many kinds of cross fitness/boot camps, that are out there and there is always new trends that will come and go. However, there is only one Von X-Stream fit, this program offers the real deal.

Here at VonSport, we have Theresa Mays; and with the vast athletic background years of experience and awards, a history that is unmatched. She has designed this program, giving VonSport the X-Factor.

Von X-Stream Fit “releasing your inner sport”

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