Specialized Training

VonSport has deep roots when it comes to Specialized Training, our history is based on decades of athletic accomplishments, and awards a track recorded rarely since. Due to our founder Theresa Mays, who is not only the guiding force but has set the standards and core values to why we are so committed to excellence.

All of the training is specifically designed to enhance performance, focus, and stamina giving you the completive edge needed for your specific sport. Whether you needed to over come an injury, or giving your team your best. Perhaps it is for that edge to win, maybe it is just to enjoy the game and fullfil a dream.

Here at VonSport in Doylestown Pa, we go the extra mile and beyond. Our programs "Ride like a Champ" and "Golf like a Champ" bring a fresh approach to the sport. This comes from the perspective of an All American Athlete. Theresa Mays' background says it all and her performance is unmatched. So whether you need to work on your swing, pitch, drive, kick, balance, focus, or endurance, VonSport has your back.

It is time, Get Fit!

Specialized Group Training
Specialized Group Training
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