The Art of Boxing

Prepare yourself for a whole new way of training through The Art of Boxing. Here at VonSport, we have created a program using all the techniques of professional boxing. What make's a champion, is the daily regiments that prepares that individual while fine-tuning them into a well-trained athlete. Men and Women are highly focused, and competitively driven.

This program will take you step-by-step, transforming your mind, body, and spirit while inspiring you to new heights. This is what we call "releasing your inner sport". Boxing from the beginning historically has intrigued us all. Boxers are agile, fit, fast and lean. The regiments are running, jumping, cardiovascular endurance, timing, reflexes, and great focus with eye-hand coordination. They are connected from head to toe. The greatest bodies are those of swimmers, dancers and boxers.

No matter what your background is, they are undeniably the leanest bodies of any athlete. This is for only one reason; they work the body as a whole with no exceptions, no excuses and complete commitment. But they all have something that you don't, a coach, a trainer and a complete support system.

Here at VonSport in Doylestown Pa, we have Theresa Mays; she is one of the most respected and highly trained athletes. Let Theresa inspire and motivate you like no other, with her vast athletic background of over 25 years of experience and awards. A history that is unmatched.

Theresa Mays has designed this program, giving you VonSport The Art of Boxing.

"Ask yourself are you up for challenge" Its time, Get Fit!


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