Theresa Mays

For the past thirty years, Theresa Mays has devoted her life to sports and physical fitness, a lifetime consultant in health and wellbeing.

While attending high school and college, Theresa not only studied and strived for academic excellence; she put those studies to the test. Participating in numerous sports setting records and receiving gold in the track & field, shot put, discus and javelin. Weight lifting, volleyball, basketball, while helping to take her team to the championships, and achieving MVP and Player of the Year.

Many of those records that were set, and still stand today. Even during and after school for 8 years playing softball, as pitcher, second base and being placed in the most needed positions on the field, making MVP and winning the championships.

After Theresa's college years, she was considered an all around athlete who earned first place in all sport and competitions. Then going on to Professional Power Lifting and Professional Bench-Press, where she earned best bench exceeding her weight and class. Then it was off to Vegas setting more records winning first place for Professional Arm Wrestling and training with some of the world's top athletes. Theresa then went on to competing in Professional Bodybuilding competitions. By this time, Theresa was well aware that nutrition was the fuel needed to build a platform for health and fitness, the very thing that made her a champion.

Theresa then moved to the east coast to Bucks County Pennsylvania to set more records and climb to new heights. She trained with Mr. World & Atlas and studied more about the human body while focusing on her core beliefs of being an all-natural athlete. Theresa then started her professional career as a life coach, personal trainer and health consultant. She continued her college education and worked on developing a curriculum to teach physical fitness and good nutrition.

During this time Theresa continued to compete in all-natural bodybuilding and taking first place in all categories from Best Poser, Heavy Weight Division, Best Physique, Master, and over all Champion. From Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York, Boston…. all while continuing to develop her craft.

Theresa worked out of a local gym, and soon had a large client base, she went on to assist various health clubs by increasing their membership base, and consulted on innovative projects. Theresa Mays became a household name and through out her travels became a highly respected professional. Theresa created and developed VonSport, with her signature programs, and decades of experience and passion to Doylestown Pa.

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