"I have recently joined VonSport.  It’s the best decision I’ve ever made. The owner, Theresa, has phenomenal work ethic and an amazing body. Theresa is inspirational and nurturing.  In a short period of time, my body has already shrunk inches and I’m more confident in dressing. I’m proud of myself for working out and I achieve setting a good example for my young, impressionable daughters to follow. Theresa’s work-outs are challenging, at times, but the results are evident and worth it. I always leave the gym with a smile and I feel proud.

Thanks to Theresa, I am totally committed to a healthier lifestyle and that means, a happier me. The gym is immaculately clean, inviting and yet intimate. Theresa encompasses a rare blend of empathy, passion, creativity and compassion. I was in pursuit of a healthy change. I found VonSport and Theresa and for that, I’m truly grateful and it’s with sincere gratitude that I write this heart-felt testimonial.  Thank you, Theresa "

– Noel F. (Paralegal)

"I have been working with Theresa for several months now, and it's been enormously beneficial. Not only is she very knowledgeable, she looks and listens and skillfully adjusts her exercises to my particular situation. I enjoy the way she makes notes and pays attention to details, and she always knows just how far to push things without going too far. She is respectful and professional, and makes sure her clients have fun, but also takes her work very seriously and genuinely wants to help people.

I should say that in addition to the aches and pains of a nearly 60-year-old body, I have a neurological disorder (Parkinson's Disease) that further complicates my situation, and Theresa's exercise program coordinates with and augments the exercises I was given by various physical therapists who specialize in this illness. Theresa's skills and knowledge have greatly improved my physical confidence and general sense of well-being, and I'm grateful to be working with her."

– Brian (Curator)

"I started with Theresa May's in December of 2011. I was 176 pounds and although I was very active with 4 horses and eating very healthy, I could not lose the weight I had gained. I started working out 3 days a week @ VonSport. Every muscle in my body was soar and some days I really didn't want to work out. Theresa encouraged me to continue and her workouts are amazing.

In June, I weighed 136 pounds and by August I was down from a size 12 to a 6. I have competed in (3) 3.5 mile mud runs and also completed a 11 mile Spartan Super race. I go to VonSport twice a week and we are now working on toning the NEW body I have achieved while working with Theresa!!! Theresa is AMAZING.....she knows how to get the best out of you! I have recommend VonSport to several of my co-workers and friends and they have also had great results."

– Stacey (Program Director)

"My experience with other trainers does not compare to the outstanding results I have seen using Teresa. I started training with her over 4 years ago after childbirth and saw my body transform itself back very quickly. She is patient, caring, extremely educated in training, and goes above and beyond to support me. She is the best of the best and I guarantee I could not find better!!"

– Cathleen (Orthodontist)

"I began working out with Theresa at Von Sport back in January. In just a few months I have noticed, and so has my husband, a change. This change is not just physical, but mental as well. Of course I am loving my newly forming abdominal muscles, toned arms and tighter tush. But, Theresa has helped me "get out of my head," and return to the woman I forgot I could be! Theresa, I can't thank you enough!"

– Laura (Career and Job Placement Director)

"Diligent, inspirational, knowledgeable, motivational and always interested are words I would use to describe Theresa Mays, owner and personal trainer of VonSport. I have been working with Theresa for 9 months and she has adapted workouts to my individual needs based on my age, fitness level, goals and my stamina. When I am uncomfortable with an exercise or the exercise is causing pain she will adjust it so I can accomplish the same goal but in a different format. I have noticed over the past naine months that my strength, stamina and ballance have benefited from Theresa's training.

I have also developed much needed strength in my core which is an on going battle with women my age. I love the privacy and the individual attention that her studio offers. If you haven't had a chance to meet Theresa I would recommend you give her a call to discuss your own personal goals for fitness. She is wonderful."

– Cheryl (Regional Sales Manager)

"I've been training with Theresa for 9 months, shortly after our son was born. By the time he was 7 months, I was weighing less than before either of my kids were born! Theresa is an expert trainer, and designs regimens just for me and my lifestyle. She is fun and inspiring. And, by doing what she says, I've seen results immediately."

– Aarati (Software Engineer)

"I have had the privilege of training with Theresa for three years.  Her fitness experience and expertise are readily apparent, and she can modify her approach based on whatever the client's needs may be. But the hidden value of working with Theresa far exceeds physical conditioning. 

Theresa takes a genuine interest in the emotional / psychological health of her clients; her concern for each of her clients does not end with the last set of reps, but extends to the rest of their day and whatever challenges they may be experiencing."

– Irene (Principal Scientist)

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