Golf Like a Champion

VonSport will provide you with the guidance of a Professional Athlete who will train you to improve your game with Core Flexibility through Cross Training. Improve your performance; increase your power in your swing. At our Doylestown Pennsylvania location in the heart of Bucks County, for only 30 minutes twice a week. Set your golf game in motion.

Functional training integrates knowledge and techniques from the worlds of professional fitness methods, reconditioning techniques and rehabilitation research. It focuses on more than one muscle group being trained at the same time. This enables you to gain better abilities to accelerate, decelerate and yet remain stable. However, in order to do so it does not focus on sheer force production the way most power and conditioning programs do. Instead, it uses a combination of flexibility and controlled targeted and specific strength-oriented methods.

Core stabilization: This refers to the parts of the body that stabilizes your entire body during movement. The Core consists of the spin, the pelvis, the hip joints and the buttock muscles, along with the muscles, tendons and ligaments that connect and inter-connect these body parts.

Reactive/Neuromuscular Stabilization: This refers to techniques specifically designed to build and improve signal strength from the central nervous system to the rest of the body, in this case, the Core. This improves overall strength and performance.

Strength Training: The use of controlled force, different from traditional and older conditioning programs, against some form of resistance in order to build upon enhanced neural signal strength begun by an activated neuromuscular system.

Flexibility: This is the foundation for all integrated training. It is the process of stretching muscle with functional movements in order to build the body, balance and strength and prevent injury.

Functional training helps you to increase your overall balance, agility, endurance and strength to produce maximum performance. For the golfer, that translates into power. Increasing your swing, driving the ball further and with greater accuracy, more control of those fine movements that are necessary to sink a putt, with greater flexibility giving you greater ability to preform during an 18 holes course, with an overall, enjoyment of the game with less fatigued or pain.

It time to set your golf game in motion!

Get Fit! VonSport Fit.

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