Ride Like a Champion

At VonSport we have extensively study horse back riding (equestrian) and the marriage of Horse and Rider, we have designed this program that will change the way you view fitness. Millions have been spent on these magnificent animals, to maintain their nutrition and overall health. As for the rider, it is critical for the sport and the pleasure of riding, to maintain your overall health with proper nutrition and exercise.

Therefor the rider and their horse will be equally matched and balanced. VonSport will help to reduce the risk of soreness, injuries and will also increase your energy level, and your awareness to be able to maintain concentration while riding. At our location in Doylestown Pennsylvania in the hart Bucks County, You can train with other Riders and "Ride Like A Champion"

For our Professional partners you can have VonSport bring our services to you. Offering a service to your in house customers, this would provide a greater balance to your facility, your clientele and for the parents or customers who are waiting.

I would like to welcome you to your very own personal trainer. Its time to join our team, "Ride Like a Champion – Train Like a Champion" with Theresa Mays. Where you will join other riding enthusiasts using a routine designed especially for you. This program will emphasize specialized strength, balance, endurance and flexibility training. It will incorporate yoga and Pilates mat exercises to improve your joint function, posture and flexibility of the spine and most of the entire core, which operates as an integrated functional unit to stabilize the body.

Whether you ride English or Western each of these riding styles has very unique challenges to which the body must respond. This program will put you on the right path so you can reach your peak performance level. Don't you think its time!

Get Fit! VonSport Fit!

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